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Naudy Castellanos

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Naudy is currently freelance, is open to new job opportunities, and has a huge curiosity for everything related to computing. He has a knack for all things creating digital products, from planning and designing to solving real-life problems with code and team management. When not online, he loves hanging out with his wife Giselly, playing guitar, or skating. Currently, he lives in Europe, getting to know the culture and people while he resumes some projects like TALS. Altruistic project with the mission of helping Deaf communities, and adds others.


1985Born in Portuguesa, Venezuela.
2008Completed the Engineering Animal Production in UNELLEZ Venezuela.
2013Completed the Informatics Engineering in URBE Venezuela.
2015presentation elevator pitch TALS in Atlapa | Expo BizFit Panamá.
2017Hackathon Arica Smart City Chile and founded with my partner Darwin Ramirez VeanX Technology.
2018Corfo Seed Capital with TALS Project Iquique Chile.
2019VeanX Technology Prospecting Taiwán ComputeX with ProChile.
2020/21 VeanX Tech 2 years in a row, the open innovation challenge of the Association of Industrialists Iquique Chile (2021) (2022).
2022to present working as a freelancer

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Music, Hockey, Playing Guitar, Philosophy, Machine Learning

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